3 quick fixes to improve your serve grip, motion and toss

Watch Abi teach you 3 key things that make every serve efficient.

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What You'll Learn

The Workout Plan

About This Drill

Adjusting your grip can have a huge impact on the serve

We want the right grip, a continental grip. You want to make a V with your hand with the grip fitting in the middle of the V and the index finger extended. This grip allows you to do every serve. A flat serve, kick serve, slice serve. That is why this is the most effective service grip

Using a Ball & Sock to develop a smooth swing

Most people stop their motion while swinging, creating hitches. To make your serve more consistent you need to practice a fluid swing and one tool to help you with that is a sock.

Fill the sock with a tennis ball. Practice your service motion creating a large figure 8 and notice if you are stopping. This will give you a good indicator of the fluidity of your service motion. Do this with the sock 20 times.

Now you can incorporate the racket and work on your grip through muscle memory by shadow practicing with the racket. Practice your service motion with the racket still using the giant figure 8 as your swing path and noticing if you’re stopping and check your correct grip. Do 20 of these swings focusing on the swing and grip.

Use practice swings without a ball or a racket

The tool of the sock practicing your swing will help show where out front and to the side. You can freeze once you get to the top of your swing to show just where to the side of you and how far out front if you are practicing the right motion it should be out front and to the right.

Use your your racket reaching up to also guide you for the height. Aim for the top of your racket.

If you need to go back and forth between shadowing with the sock and the racket to get a feel for the placement and height please do. Practice the continental grip while shadowing and fluid swing.

The really hone in on the toss. You can also set the racket and the sock down and just practice once you gauge the height and placement doing just tosses using the court and the ball bouncing as a target for placement.

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