Doubles Tennis Lessons for Adults

There are many types of tennis lessons that cater to different skill levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned competitors. Whether you’re interested in playing tennis recreationally or competing for an amateur championship, there’s a tennis lesson out there for everyone. There is no shortage of options when it comes to adult tennis lessons! Whether your goal is simply having fun with friends or getting into professional-level competition, we’ve got something for you.

Who should take doubles tennis lessons?

Adult doubles lessons are for people who want to learn how to play doubles effectively. The coaches will work with the students, focusing on doubles strategies and tennis positions that each player needs to know how to do in order to become better doubles players.

Adult singles lessons do not focus as much on doubles strategy because most coaches believe that adult singles players need more time learning how to control their shots instead of learning about doubles positioning and doubles strategy. Therefore, if adults want to become equally good at playing both singles and doubles, they should take adult singles tennis lessons instead of taking doubles tennis lessons with a coach.

Many adults choose adult doubles lessons because it is easier for them find a doubles partner to play doubles with.

How do doubles tennis lessons work?

Adult doubles lessons usually consist of two students and a coach who will work with each student at a time. The doubles partners will be focusing on their doubles tactics while the coach focuses on their positioning and doubles strategy in order to become better at playing doubles tennis.

Each coach may focus more on one player for certain techniques, like how the player serves or volleys, because it is easier for them to teach that technique to one person instead of teaching different individuals different techniques. For example, if the female student wants the male student to learn how to do multiple forehands in a row without missing, they will only practice doing multiple forehands with every shot down-the-line. The doubles partner will not watch that player learning how to do multiple forehands with a slice shot or cross-court shot because the coach is already holding a position where they can see both doubles partners at once.

Adult doubles lessons are also helpful for players who have been playing tennis for an extended period of time and want to become better at doubles tactics, receiving serves, and receiving a serve at a specific location on the court. Learning these techniques from an expert doubles coach will help them quickly improve their doubles play so they can become more competitive against other doubles teams who have been practicing doubles strategies for longer than they have.

What types of things should students expect from adult doubles lessons?

After up for adult doubles lessons, each doubles partner will be able to learn doubles tactics, doubles strategy doubles positioning on the court, and how to position themselves on the doubles court. They can also expect to receive tips on how they should move around the doubles court for certain serves while their coach watches them.

Each doubles partner will not only try out new strategies while playing with their doubles partner but also while practicing with their doubles coach who is watching them play against an imaginary opponent.

Adult doubles lessons are designed to help adults improve their tennis game so they can join a league or become more competitive when playing doubles with someone else. The players may even decide that they want to play in some tournaments after improving their tennis techniques during adult doubles lessons.

Some coaches may encourage adults to take adult singles lessons instead of doubles lessons because doubles lessons do not focus on singles techniques like how to serve, volley, and hit various shots.

How much does it cost?

Adult doubles lessons are usually more expensive than adult singles tennis lessons because each doubles partner will have a doubles coach watching them while they play a doubles match against a different doubles team.

Each client gets more attention during doubles sessions that he or she would get during an adult singles lesson where the coach focuses on improving one player’s tennis skills at the time. However, adults should also expect their instructor to charge them almost as much money for half of the session with only one person in their group learning from him or her instead of two people sharing the price.

In some cases, there may even be a discount applied to doubles lessons because there are two students instead of one student taking the lesson next to the coach.

Why take doubles lessons?

Doubles lessons allow adults to play doubles matches with another doubles partner who has also taken adult doubles lessons so they can learn how to play doubles tennis together and become better at communicating on the court when trying to make decisions about where they should move next.

Most coaches will teach doubles partners how they should communicate with each other in order for them to improve their game while playing doubles tennis in an adult doubles lesson. Additionally, this will help them build trust in each other when playing doubles tennis after practicing what it is like when they stand next to each other on the doubles court for specific shots during doubles lessons.

Doubles tennis lessons for adults are usually offered by doubles coaches who work at adult and junior clinics and camps during the summer months and also at country clubs and private tennis clubs throughout the rest of the year. Some doubles coaches work part-time as assistant instructors or teaching professionals at some local tennis academies where they can offer doubles lessons to their students on a more regular basis. In those cases, clients may only be charged a fraction of what it would cost them to take doubles lessons from a doubles instructor who does not work as an assistant instructor on a daily basis inside the local area where he or she lives or works during non-tennis season times.

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There are many types of tennis lessons that cater to different skill levels, from absolute beginners to seasoned competitors. Whether you’re interested in playing tennis recreationally or competing for an amateur championship, there’s a tennis lesson out there for everyone.