Improve your tennis first volley stroke and footwork with this partner drill

Join Abigail Spears as you learn about improving and grooving your first volley.

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What You'll Learn

The Workout Plan

About This Drill

Exaggerate your first volley movement

For the first volley we’re just exaggerating as if you were serving and volleying returning or ground hitting a ground stroke and approaching the net to hit that first ball.

The problem that most people have with their first folly is they’re not far enough into the court or they’re not hitting it deep enough or timing it right and not confident enough moving forward right after.

The problem is most players stay in place

I want to help you fix the problem of not moving forward for your first volley or hitting it clean enough by giving you repetitions to work exaggerating your forward movement through the ball and hitting it cleanly.

Have a feeding partner aim at the service line

To perform this drill properly you need your partner to stand across from you in the middle of the court around the service line.

They feed it five to ten shots to your forehand and they’re going to aim behind the service line – about a foot behind it.

Give you five to ten repetitive balls on your forehand and five to ten repetitive balls on your backhand side so you can groove that first volley.

You are going to stand about three feet behind the service line as you focus on that stroke and footwork coming forward.

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