Improve Your tennis first volley with this solo hand toss drill

Watch Abigail Spears perform a solo hand toss drill that you can use to improve your first volley.

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The Workout Plan

About This Drill

Your first volley should be controlled

The first volley is your first volley after you’ve served, return served, or hit an approach shot – so it’s an aggressive shot that ideally will land you closer to the net.

You should improve your first volley so that it’s deeper crisper more controlled and just improving the stroke will help your placement and your footwork and help you be in a better position for your second volley.

Be confident and get closer to the service line

The problem that most people have with their first volley is that they’re not close enough to the service line and they’re not confident enough to run through to put themselves in a better position for that next volley.

This drill will help you exaggerate your footwork and your correct stroke and the placement of your ball since it’s in your control to perform the drill while practicing proper technique.

Use a simple hand toss to practice the right habit

You just need a racket and a tennis ball and you need to toss the ball out in front just a couple of feet so that you really focus on running through with your shortened volley stroke to set yourself up for the next volley while trying to be on balance after you finish.

Start behind the service line a couple feet and toss to yourself out front and further out front to challenge yourself.

After the forehand side repeat and do the backhand side. Make sure you split step to practice good habits.

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